Thai Massage

Thai massage is a form of body work that has recently gained popularity in the West. Dating as far back as the days of Buddha, Thai massage was developed in Thailand and is a powerful form of energy rebalancing and physical massage. A fusion of spiritual practice and bodywork, it combines yoga techniques and a commitment of working with loving kindness.

A complete Thai massage is traditionally a combination of pressure points, energy meridian work and yoga like stretching for an invigorating and balancing experience.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • It increases flexibility and opens joints to allow for natural alignment in the skeletal structure.
  • It helps to balance the energy system creating a relaxed and stress free self.
  • This style of therapy is beneficial to athletes and active lifestyles who may not take the time for pre/post stretching.
  • Combined with Shiatsu, the results can increase energy OR keep you in a zen like state, helping to heal sleep disorders.
  • It helps to boost the flow of synovial joint fluid, lymph and blood circulation healing the body from deep within.
  • The hands on approach of Thai massage allows it to be absorbed bodily rather than mentally, encouraging a sense of feeling and listening through the hands, and it offers a wonderful variation of techniques to suit all body types and abilities.

What to Expect in a Thai Massage

Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor where both giver and receiver remain clothed. Clients wear yoga style clothing that is comfortable and easily moves with the body.

Most Thai massage sessions last 90 minutes to 2 hours. The work is slow, precise and relaxing. It includes compression, rocking, active stretching, and acu pressure point therapy to hone in on certain pathogens.

If you are an athlete or active individual, Thai massage is incredibly beneficial to releasing that full body tightness and joint opening your body is in need of.

The more consistent you are with Thai massage, the more you receive the physical benefits like that of a regular yoga practice.